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Everything Else!  Color, Landscape and Business Classes

I can teach Color and Business classes online, but the Landscape class is a little more challenging and best suited to smaller numbers if done online.  I can provide the Zoom video conferencing account and handle the technical details if needed.

Color Exploration
Color Exploration

Color Exploration

Learn how to select colors and fabrics for your quilts that make them sing and give them that extra zing!  We will play with fabric and have fun completing several hands-on activities to see how colors interact to create mood, depth, balance and movement.  We will make friends with the color wheel and use this easy and versatile tool to select successful eye-catching color combinations for quilt blocks, borders and thread.  We will also discuss tips on how to fix color combinations that just don’t seem to be working. You will leave class with a better understanding of how colors interact and plenty of color scheme ideas for future quilts.  Half day class; full day class will incorporate additional exercises and discuss how to achieve color effects including transparency and depth.

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Landscape Quilts
Landscape Quilts

Landscape Quilts

Take a favorite photo and recreate it in fabric.  What a wonderful way to remember a favorite trip or vacation spot!  We will discuss simplifying the design and creating a pattern, then review techniques to accomplish the design, including piecing, fusing or applique.  Class includes many tips on how to achieve the effect you want with the least amount of fuss.  We also discuss how to create depth using perspective, shading and color.

You will leave class with a roadmap of how to accomplish your chosen design.  Full day class.  This class is better suited to small groups if conducted virtually due to the amount of individual attention needed.

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Start your own Quilting Business
Profit from your Passion – Start your own Quilting Business

Start Your Own Quilting Business

Thinking of starting a quilting or crafting business?  Already have a business but want to make it better?  I have an MBA and successfully operated my quilting business (in four different locations!) since 2007.  I will share my time-tested tips including developing a Business Plan, identifying what services to offer, finding clients, operating your business, pricing your services, finances, and legal and tax considerations.   Make your dream a successful reality!  Detailed handout provided.

See my Rates page for more info and my Calendar page for when I’m teaching.  I also teach classes on Machine Quilting and Piecing and provide fun and informative Lectures.

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