Quilt Care

Cindy's Quilt
Cindy’s Quilt

Washing Your Quilt

All my quilts are machine washable, unless noted for wallhangings using specialty fabrics or threads.
  • Wash only when necessary
  • Try “airing” your quilt in the dryer on “air only” for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash in cool water, set to delicate or gentle cycle, using the largest load
  • Use a mild laundry soap such as Ivory Snow or Woolite
  • Do not wring or twist
  • Dry in short 20 minute cycles on gentle, checking for dryness
  • Dry flat outside on top of a sheet, away from animals, children or blowing objects; preferably on an overcast day
  • Do not use dryer sheets
  • Do not dry clean
Storing Your Quilt

Use your quilts! Enjoy them! Store them only if you have to!

  • Keep quilts out of direct sunlight – they will fade
  • Make sure quilt is completely dry before storing else they might mildew
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Fold quilts accordion style (in a “Z”), so that each fabric fold is stressed as little as possible
  • You can place rolled up acid-free tissue paper in each fold to avoid creases
  • You can use 100% cotton bags or wrap in cotton sheets
  • NEVER store in plastic – quilts need to breathe! Plastic retains moisture which can encourage mildew and mold.