Custom Quilt Gallery

I really enjoy the creative process of designing a quilt specifically for a recipient.
  • I can make just about any quilt you would like, in any color scheme and any size.
  • I can incorporate just about anything you would like – photos, clothing, signatures, words, etc.

I have different galleries for each type of quilt:

  • Traditional Custom Quilt – this is what most people think of as a quilt.  Take a look at my galleries for ideas, such as quilts I made for my Nieces and Nephews, Baby Quilts, and Custom Quilts.
  • T-Shirt Quilt – make a quilt from t-shirts (I can also use other clothing items).  See my T-Shirt gallery.
  • Landscape/Art Quilt – this is designed to be art and displayed on a wall.  I can work from a photo to recreate an image in fabric.  See my Amazing Abstract gallery, Landscape/Art Quilt gallery or my Quilts of Faith gallery.
  • Group Quilts – involve a group of people to contribute to the quilt, ranging from writing/signing on fabric to creating the entire block.  See my Group Quilt gallery.
See my FAQ page to see the process to follow to have me make your custom quilt.
See my pricing page to see sample prices.