Pricing – Machine Quilting

Curved Cross Hatching
I specialize in custom freehand quilting that brings out the beauty of your quilt top.  My sweet spot is light custom quilting, but I can do the entire range of quilting – all-over designs through heirloom and show quality quilting.
Also look at Quilt Care and FAQ.

Machine quilting is priced by the square inch, with the rate per square inch based on density and complexity.  The table below shows sample prices based on the size of the quilt and complexity for the quilting only.
  • Pantographs or all-over designs are the most economical and provide great background texture.  Click below to see my selection of pantographs for an all-over edge to edge design. Pantographs Available 06-06-21
  • Light Custom has fairly open designs, and no more than three different designs
  • Moderate Custom has medium density designs, and no more than five designs
  • Heavy Custom includes dense designs, stitch in the ditch, ruler work or feathers, and starts at $.08/sq in.
  • Heirloom quilting includes original designs, crosshatching, microquilting, metallic threads and/or art quilts and is charged at $40/hour.
Minimum labor charge for quilting is $50.  A complete estimate will be provided when the quilt is dropped off.
Labor Charge All-over          $0.03/sq in Light custom      $0.04/sq in Moderate custom  $0.06/sq in+
Baby 36×36 $50 $52 $78+
Throw 45×60 $81 $108 $162+
Twin 72×90 $194 $260 $389+
Full 81×96 $230 $307 $350+
Queen 90×100 $270 $360 $461+
King 100×100 $300 $400 $600+
Thread is an additional charge, based on the amount used and type of thread.  I have a huge selection of thread, mostly from Superior Threads.  I really like Fantastico variegated thread and So Fine.
I carry Quilter’s Dream batting and provide it by the linear inch.  Available batts on the roll include:
  • Cotton – 100% cotton, Select loft, 93” wide – lovely soft drape with cotton’s breathability. Will shrink approximately 3%, giving a soft puckered look.
  • 08/20 – 80% cotton, 20% poly.  Select loft, 93” wide – lovely soft drape with cotton’s breathability but a little more loft than 100% cotton because of the poly and more economical. Will shrink approximately 3%, giving a soft puckered look.
    Poly – 100% polyester, Select loft, 93″ wide, soft drape.  Does not shrink.  Excellent for quilts that will be laundered frequently.
  • Wool – 100% wool, 93″ wide – beautiful loft that really accentuates the quilting.  Lightweight and warm.
I can order any Quilter’s Dream batt for you, including Blend, Orient, Green Poly, or Black Poly.
Set Up Charge
I charge $35 for Set Up per item to be quilted, which includes design time and preparing the machine and the quilt for quilting. Additional Services Additional services, such as attaching binding, hanging sleeve and/or label, and performing repairs are available for a small charge.
Preparing Your Quilt
To fit on the machine, the backing and batting should be 8″ wider and longer than your quilt top.  You can bring your own batting, or I have Quilter’s Dream batting available by the inch.

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