Class and Lecture Rates and Contracts

  • Guilds/Shops:  $450 for half day classes or lectures; $800 for full day class; plus travel, per diem and expenses.
    • Discount provided for two or more events on the same day.  For example – 2 half day classes or half day class and lecture on the same day will be charged at the full day rate.
    • Classes can include up to 20 students, except for hands-on long-arm classes and Landscape Class (limit of 12).  Additional students beyond 20, up to a total of 30, are charged at $15/additional student.
    • I am available for In Person and Virtual Zoom lectures and classes, but highly encourage Virtual Zoom bookings.  I can lecture and teach in-person, within 200 miles of Leesburg VA; otherwise I require a minimum of 2 consecutive days of workshops (3 days if flying).  I give in-person lectures (without a class) only if an overnight stay is not required (within 50 miles of Leesburg VA).  I can host your guild lecture or class on my Zoom account and am very accomplished on handling Zoom.  Save on travel expenses!
    • Teaching location for any long-arm class must have a long-arm in good working order and quilt sandwich loaded, else the class will be all lecture and white board.
    • Any long-arm class can be made hands-on but number of students should be limited to no more than 3 students per available machine with 2 preferable.
    • Contact me for rates for teaching at retreats or multi-day classes

  • Long-arm Classes at my Studio:  $100 for half day classes; $200 for full day classes (per student class fee – 3 student minimum, 8 student maximum)
  • Long-arm Classes at Individual’s location – $100/teaching hour (2 hour minimum) plus  mileage/other travel expenses, $50/hour travel time.
    • Individual must have a long-arm or mid-arm in good working order and quilt sandwich loaded.
    • Classes at Individual’s location can include up to 4 students total at the same price, so gather your friends!


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