APQS Longarm Service

As an APQS Certified Technician, I can provide many services to help you and your machine quilt for years to come, including:

  • Tune-up or Spa Services
  • Repair/Service Calls
  • Upgrades
  • Spare parts
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Contact me at juliagraves82@gmail.com for Rates Sheet.

Tune-up/Spa Services

APQS machines are built to industrial standards so that they can stand up to the rigors of factory and workroom use. They are built to last and only require simple, minimal daily maintenance (clean and oil) to provide peak performance for several years. However, just like all machines, eventually some parts wear down after repeated use and need some love and attention.

If you’ve been operating your machine for a number of years, or your machine isn’t performing as it once was, consider a Mini-Spa or Deluxe Spa package. Plus, if you have been considering any upgrades to your system such as new wheels, installing them during a Spa Treatment is the perfect time to add them to your machine!

Which “Spa Treatment” is right for me?

An APQS Mini-Spa is ideal for customers who may not quilt every day, but who would feel better having everything “checked out” at some point by a Certified Technician to ensure everything is working properly. During a Mini-Spa process, I will evaluate your machine, check components, clean it thoroughly and only repair or replace items that show significant wear that may compromise your machine’s performance. The machine is tuned-up and ready for your next quilting project.

The APQS Deluxe Spa process is best suited for machines that have been in service for a number of years and have been heavily used, increasing the chance for more wear and tear on parts. The Deluxe Spa takes the guesswork out of long-term machine maintenance by ensuring that key wear components on your machine are not just “evaluated”—they are automatically replaced. Then the machine is adjusted and fine-tuned to restore it to factory settings. It’s almost like starting out with a new machine! New parts mean many more years of worry-free happy quilting.

For more details on what is specifically included in a Mini-Spa and a Deluxe Spa, please email me at juliagraves82@gmail.com for a Rate Sheet.

Repair/Service Calls

Stuff happens, and when it does, we are here to help! Many repairs are simple and you can fix it yourself. APQS Customer Service is always available at 800-426-7233 (regardless of warranty status) and can often resolve your problem over the phone. If not, they can send step by step instructions, and there are also many APQS YouTube videos for service topics.

If you want a Certified Technician to repair your machine, contact me at
juliagraves82@gmail.com or 240-472-1763 and we’ll discuss how best to handle your situation. Rate Sheet is available upon request.

Spa/Service Location Options

  • In Home* – we can work on your longarm at your location.  A deluxe spa will require an overnight stay.  Travel rates apply.  2 hour service rate minimum for in-home service calls. 
  • Valet Service* – we can take your machine off your table, bring it to our studio, then reinstall it after service is complete.  Travel rates apply.  No minimum hours for service calls.
  • Our Studio – you take your machine off your table and bring/ship it to our studio, then pick it up/arrange for return shipping after service is completed.  No minimum hours for service calls.
  • *Service Area – we service the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia areas.

Upgrades – Enjoy the features of a newer machine on your current model:

  • M&M Wheels – enjoy the smoother stitching of M&M wheels
  • Bliss – achieve smoother curves and stitch diagonal lines without a ruler with the Bliss system
  • Quilt Path – computerize your longarm
  • Accessories, such as Expanded Base for ruler work

Spare Parts – I often have spare parts on hand and can get them to you quickly.

Moving? I can provide disassembly and reassembly services

Contact me at juliagraves82@gmail.com for a Rate Sheet.