I love to talk about quilting!  My lectures are fun and informative and I bring as many quilts as I can.  Be inspired to turn on your creativity!

All my lectures are appropriate for online delivery, and I can provide the Zoom video conferencing account and handle the technical details if needed.

Dancing for Joy - Quilting Journey
Dancing for Joy – Quilting Journey


My Quilting Journey and Trunk Show

You will laugh along with me as I talk about the good, the bad, and the many lessons I’ve learned in my 20 plus years of quilting.  Such as – velveteen is not the best fabric to use for a quilt, a quilt in Best American Quilts is probably not a beginner quilt, and count how many quilts before you commit!   Includes a slide show and trunk show of many quilts.

Color Exploration Lecture


Color Exploration

This lecture will discuss how to select beautiful color combinations for your quilts and provide tips on how to fix color combinations that just don’t seem to be working.  Includes a slide show and trunk show illustrating classic color combinations.

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Memory Quilts
Memory Quilts


Memory Quilts and Personalizing Quilts

Every quilt you make is special for the recipient.  You choose colors and designs that you think they will enjoy.  This talk will give some additional ideas about how to make a unique quilt for a special person and tips on how to achieve the results you want.  Includes incorporating  special fabrics, t-shirts, handkerchiefs, ties, photographs, writing, signatures, individual blocks and art quilts.  Includes a slide show and trunk show illustrating many of the techniques.

Gold Cross Quilt

Community and Faith in Fiber

Want to share your love of quilting with your community?  This talk will outline tips for making quilts for charities, fundraising, community and personal events, people in need and hanging in your place of worship.  Includes a slide show and trunk show illustrating many of the techniques and is accompanied with many humorous and touching stories.  Learn how a community quilt enabled me to meet a president!



Landscape Lecture
Landscape Lecture


Landscape Quilts

This lecture will discuss how to create a landscape/pictorial quilt.  Trunk show illustrating different techniques and art/design concepts used to make the quilt successful.  You will be motivated to make a quilt from a favorite photograph!

Machine Quilting
Machine Quilting


Machine Quilting Lecture 

This informative lecture covers the basics of machine quilting whether the quilter is doing the quilting, or hiring a long-armer.  Learn to speak the language and know what your options are.  Outline includes:  Design categories, design considerations, selecting the thread, stabilizing the quilt, quilting the quilt, and tips for preparing your quilt for a long-armer.  Includes a detailed handout and trunk show to illustrate the concepts.


Thread and Batting

What’s the best thread to use?  What’s the best batting?  Learn about different types of thread and batting and what to use when.  Includes hands-on samples of many different types of thread and batting.  Trunk show includes quilts using different types of thread and batting.

See my Rates page for pricing.  I also teach classes on Machine Quilting, Piecing and Specialty topics, like Color, Landscapes and Starting your own Business.