Machine Quilting Gallery

I provide a range of quilting services from all-over or edge to edge quilting to light, moderate  and heirloom custom quilting.
What’s the difference?
  • All-over or edge to edge quilting provides background texture with designs that go across borders, blocks, sashing, etc.
  • Custom quilting follows the piecing or applique and typically has a different design in the blocks, sashing and borders.  Custom quilting can range from light and open to dense and time/skill intensive techniques such as feathers, ruler work or micro-quilting.

See the galleries below for samples in each category.  Click on the image to see a larger version.

Pantographs and All-Overs – note the difference between the repeating pantograph design and the organic overall freehand.  I am computerized for pantographs.  Click to see available designs Pantographs Available – Computerized 2023-09-05.  I can design a freehand overall design to suit nearly any style of quilt. Great for children’s quilts, utility quilts or busy fabrics.

Light Custom – my sweet spot!  I can quilt your quilt with a light custom design for just a fraction more than an all-over or pantograph design.  This is done free hand.

Moderate to Heirloom Quilting – for when you want your quilt to really sing!  If you’ve spent hours and hours putting your top together, it probably deserves a true custom treatment, such as feathers, stitch in the ditch or ruler work.  I can also do a mix of free hand and computerized custom quilting.

For a price estimate, please see my Machine Quilting Pricing page.

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