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Your Special Occasion Quilt is custom designed for your recipient!

Your Special Occasion Quilt is designed and created to express the essence of the recipient and the love in the relationships. There are many types and styles of quilts suitable for this - here are just a few:

* Group Quilts - Involve others in creating a unique quilt for your recipient. Use any or all of the following ideas:
     o Memory Quilts - Special memories, remembrances and significant events are incorporated 
     o Signature Quilts - Signatures are gathered on fabric using permanent fabric markers 

     o Photo Quilts - photos are printed onto fabric and used in the quilt
     o Scripture Quilts - incorporate favorite scripture verses into the quilt




* T-Shirt Quilts - Runners, athletes, travelers - nearly everyone has a collection of special T-Shirts. These are stabilized and sewn into a quilt.


* Touch Quilts - lap quilts made with a variety of tactile fabrics can help calm and interest babies, toddlers and Alzheimer patients.






* Landscape Quilts - portray restful landscapes or vases of flowers in a style similar to Impressionism using primarily floral fabrics.






* Custom Quilts - got another idea? Give me a call and we’ll design your perfect quilt. Choose from many styles, designs and colors - pieced, applique, crazy, watercolor, you name it!



See the Quilt Gallery for samples. If you can dream it, I can probably make it!
Click here to see the Quilt Gallery


Your quilt can be made to any size - wallhanging, sofa throw, bed - and any color scheme.