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Shazam Quilts - Rainbow and Reversed

These quilts are made together in a unique process called fusique, by Linda Everhart.  Visit her website at http://www.quiltingamongfriends.com/, where you can get this pattern.  It is stunning for not as much effort as it looks.


The black fabric is completely backed with fusible web.  A piece of the black fabric is cut out and then placed on the green fabric to create a shadow or reverse quilt.  Because is has fusible on it, it's very easy to stick to the green fabric.  Other pieces of fabric are cut a little bit wider to fit the opening in the black fabric so that the rainbow colored fabrics can be shown through the hole.  Because the back of the black fabric has fusible, it's easy to get the colored fabric to stick the back of the black fabric.  The quilting is done when you zigzag around all the pieces of fabric.