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Commissioned T-shirt Quilts 
The following quilts were commissioned by clients who brought me their t-shirts and other mementos.
Runner's Quilt:  This quilt was made for a young lady who did a lot of running events with her father and is now a marine biologist.  The sashings were done in earth tones and the borders were chosen to evoke the feeling of grass, sea and shore.  The back of the quilt featured outdoors fabrics.  Each quilt block was quilted with motifs to match the t-shirt design.
Yellow/Green T-Shirt Quilt
This quilt was started by a young lady when she was in high school.  She had purchased all the materials and prepared all the t-shirts, but never finished it.  Her parents brought it to me to finish, which I was glad to do.  This quilt had a wonderful collection of ocean and horse t-shirts and it was a lot of fun to bring out something special in each block.
A detailed photo showing waves in the t-shirt.  The inner yellow border had leaves and ribbons; the outer breen border had flowers and loops.  The binding was the same plaid fabric used on the back, set on the bias to show off the plaid.
I put a label on all my custom quilts with the wording the client wants.
Blue T-shirt Quilt
This was a high school graduation present for a young man who had been very active in sports growing up.
A detail photo showing some of the quilting.