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I teach classes at my studio on the long-arm, at quilt guilds and at shops.  Please contact me for more information.

Basic Free Motion Quilting Class - Domestic Machine

Introduction to Free Motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine for beginners or those that need a refresher on the basics.  Outline includes:  setting up the machine, preparing the quilt, the "how-to" of the quilting with lots of practice, how to deal with a large quilt, and how to overcome common problems.  Includes a detailed handout.  Minimum of 3 hours; a longer class enables more practice time.   

McTavishing Class - Domestic or Long-arm Machine 

McTavishing is a lovely technique to fill in around applique or other areas that creates a fluid movement and a interesting texture.  Outline includes:  examples of McTavishing; marking the quilt; how to execute the techique; and practice, practice, practice.  I am certified by Karen McTavish to teach this class.  It can be taught on the domestic sewing or on a long-arm in my studio.  Students need to know the basics of free motion quilting.  Includes a detailed handout.  Minimum of 3 hours; a longer class enables more practice time.   

Long-arm Beginner Class - Moving Beyond the Basics - Long-arm Machine

Designed for long-arm users that know how to operate the machine and want to take their quilting to the next level and/or start a business.  Outline includes:  Starting a business; Thread, tension and batting; Deciding how to quilt a quilt; Dealing with problem quilts; Different methods for loading quilts;  Pantographs; Borders; Stitching a block; Marking quilt designs; Ruler work.  Includes a 50 page reference booklet.  Free for new APQS brand long-arm owners; $100 for other students.  Minimum of 2 students.  5 hours.   

Machine Quilting Lecture 

This amusing and informative lecture covers the basics of machine quilting whether the quilter is doing the quilting, or hiring a long-armer.  Learn to speak the language and know what your options are.  Outline includes:  Design categories, design considerations, selecting the thread, stabilizing the quilt, quilting the quilt, and tips for preparing your quilt for a long-armer.  Includes a detailed handout and trunk show to illustrate the concepts.  Lecture can be tailored from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and is great for a guild meeting.