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Carousel Horse Quilt 
This was one of the first quilts I ever made.  I used to do a lot of cross-stitch, and got an idea that I would make a quilt for my bed with a dozen beautiful carousel horses on it.  I took about 3-4 months to cross-stitch one of the horses, and I was making about 1 per year, working them in around all my other cross-stitch projects.  After almost 10 years, I had 9 horses and was contemplating which horse I should do next.  I was pretty tired of doing horses.  I also wasn't pleased with the idea of my husband putting his sweaty running clothes on my beautiful quilt.  Then it hit me - if I did a wall hanging, I could stop now and be done with making carousel horses!  And you can't put sweaty clothes on a wall hanging!  It was kizmet!
I designed the sashing to go with the wallpaper border in my bedroom.  It was a real joy to see this quilt each morning when I woke up.