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Baby Quilts 
Baby quilts are fun to make, and so quick!  I can personalize a quilt to match the decor, add the baby's name and birthdate, etc.

Pooh Quilt
My friend Katie wanted me to use the Pooh cross-stich pictures she had made

Rebecca's Quilt
Rebecca didn't want any pastels - so she got
bright bright bright!

Jennie's Quilt
My friend Jennie wanted a quilt that matched her friend's decor.  I stitched the baby's name across the top of the quilt.
Seahorse Quilt
I made this for a friend
from church when
she had her baby.
 Baby Cats Quilt

Friends from church were expecting, so I made a quilt for the baby and a companion quilt for their daughter - the soon-to-be big sister.Big Sister Cats Quilt