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Purchase an APQS Longarm             

Tired of trying to quilt your quilts on your home machine?  You need the freehand freedom of a longarm!  APQS is well known for its quality and value.

Demo a longarm for yourself!

Call me at (240) 472-1763 or email me at juliagraves82@gmail.com to set up your own free personal demo on an APQS Millenium.

Which Machine is Right for You?

APQS has many different models, but all with the same great quality and value.

  • All the features on a 12' or 14' table, including (* indicates on Lenni as well):
    • *Stitch regulator for consistent stitch length
    • 26" throat space means 18" of quiltable space
    • Low bobbin alert
    • Thread breakage alert
    • *Easy tension adjustments for superb stitch quality
    • *Use a variety of threads, including thin and metallics
    • *Laser light to follow patterns and pantographs
    • Horizontal wheels are fully adjustable and have less vibration
    • Horizontal and vertical locks for perfectly straight lines
    • Ergonomic handles
    • Lower thread cutter
    • *Light-weight aluminum
    • *Made in the USA
    • *Lifetime month warranty
    • *Financing assistance available
  • Valuable add-ons available to make quilting easier, such as:
    • Bliss - to effortless guide the quilt - like you're "quilting on air"!
    • Motorized feed - no cranking the rollers to advance the fabric
    • Hydraulic lift to easily adjust table height - great when multiple people use the same machine
  • For the professional or serious quilter

  • Stitch regulated on a 10' or 12' table
  • Laser light to follow patterns and pantographs
  • 20" throat space for 15" of quiltable space (26" on Lucey)
  • Can add Bliss upgrade
  • Many of the same features as the Millenium - marked with *
  • Affordable APQS precision for the home quilter


  • Large 20" throat space for table top quilting
  • Includes it's own table
  • Great for home or art quilters

Visit the APQS website for more information and monthly specials!

Classes, Maintenance, Small Business Consulting

I offer many additional services:
  • APQS Beginner Class - get to know your machine
  • Factory-trained maintenance professional for in-home set up or service calls
  • Small Business consulting - what you need to know to set up a profitable business